Christopher M. England’s Outsourcing the American Dream

“. . . authoritatively written, well-researched, provocatively presented . . .”

Midwest Book Review, June 2002


Outsourcing The American Dream: Pain And Pleasure In The Era Of Downsizing by finance and marketing consultant Christopher M. England is a straightforward, critically revealing examination of the effect that the widespread business practice of downsizing for cost management is having on American industries and the general American economy. Individual chapters address everything from the psychology of downsizing (including its drawbacks), and the tangled role of the government -- which can either amplify problems or be part of the solution. Outsourcing The American Dream is an authoritatively written, well-researched, provocatively presented, no-holds-barred look at a trend that can personally affect just about any worker at any business or corporation in today's volatile and globally competitive marketplace.