Christopher M. England’s Outsourcing the American Dream

An in-depth, well researched look at today’s business practices . . . Highly recommended

Shirley Roe, AllBooks Review, June 2005


Author, Christopher England is concerned with the effect that downsizing is having on our economy, our corporations and our future. Immediate short-term gain is not the answer to long-term effectiveness, emphasizes the author. An excellent read for employers and employees, covering many concerns of both. The book discusses how Government regulations and the growing debt are influencing our lives and threatening our economic future. It expounds the issues of exporting our manufacturing and how countries like Japan and China have capitalized on our failures.

          England believes in the “Maslow approach.” Only a secure staff will give one hundred percent to its employer; personnel that experience a lack of job security will be more concerned with their mortgage payments than their performance. People become fearful during downsizing; their very security is threatened. Corporate America must rethink downsizing and outsourcing.

          An in-depth, well researched look at today’s business practices, with an injection of philosophy thrown in. The author quotes many historical figures: Machiavelli, Sun Tzu and Einstein as well as many others throughout the book adding confirmation from the ages. Christopher England has an MBA in Organizational Leadership and is a finance and marketing consultant. He understands his subject well and has given a comprehensive look at something that affects all of us. Highly recommended by Allbooks Reviews’ reviewer Shirley Roe.