Christopher M. England’s Outsourcing the American Dream

Excellent Book Explaining the Economy of Today

Marilyn Meredith (, award-winning author of mysteries, psychological and Christian horror, September 2010


Author England's coverage of the corporate world and what its problems were at the time of writing the book, may have also uncovered some of the reasons the economy has gone downhill. He covers what happens both to the company and the person when downsizing begins. In the beginning of the book he states, "Many organizations in their efforts to cut out the fat, often cut out the muscle as well."

Throughout the book he points out the problems in the operations of corporations both on a global level and specifically – then he goes on to describe what could be the solutions. There's also an excellent outline for what the government should be doing to change what's happening in our country today.

This would be an excellent book for anyone running any kind of business – and those in charge in our government.