Christopher M. Englandís Outsourcing the American Dream

ď. . . a book that will make you think . . .Ē

Kathryn Niles, Lighthouse Literary Reviews, February 2007


Why do many businesses fail? According to Christopher England, author of Outsourcing the American Dream, itís because of the lack of bold, decisive and visionary leadership in our businesses and government. Based on experience, he explores the devastating consequences of corporate negligence and downsizing. Offering innovative solutions for business leaders he candidly discusses peopleís own responsibility when it comes to job security and career satisfaction. Outsourcing the American Dream offers something for anybody who wants to take control of his or her own life and destiny.


If you are looking for a book that will make you think, Christopher Englandís Outsourcing the American Dream is very thought provoking. And even though you might not agree with everything that you read, you wonít be able to pull yourself away from it till youíre done. It will change your perception of yourself and others around you. Although, those are good points, the most important insight that I got from this book is that there are two types of individuals in every situation -- Problem Perceivers and Opportunity Perceivers. In the author's own words: "If you perceive change as a problem, solve it; if you perceive change as an opportunity, take advantage of it." The world's most successful entrepreneurs already know this -- to make money you must create products and services that help customers solve problems or to take advantage of opportunities. The key is in understanding your core customers' primary orientation. Although this is not the main theme of the book, this was the main point for me. If youíre looking for a book that forces you to think and motivates you to take action, Outsourcing the American Dream is for you.