2005 Writers Notes Book Award Winner!


Christopher M. Englandís Outsourcing the American Dream is featured in Issue #3 of Writers Notes Magazine as a 2005 Writers Notes Book Award Winner!


Outsourcing has become one of those hot button words in America, especially within political discourse, but too few people understand that movements within a capitalist economy are a byproduct of trends and pervasive thought rather than any one deliberate decision.Since an economy is composed of people, not money, Mr. England begins with the individual by taking the Maslow approach: only after a person is secure and sound can that person begin to integrate into a unit and self-actualize, contribute to the whole with inspiration and creativity.A company desires the best of its employees, but when it downsizes, the individual becomes fearful, drawing him into a protection response, hardly able to operate at his best.England looks at both the worker and the company, offering ways for each to take responsibility for his future while restoring belief in the American dream.